TeamCity Cloud

A brand-new offering from JetBrains

JetBrains has announced the availability of TeamCity Cloud, a cloud-based Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) platform.

TeamCity Cloud includes many of the great features seen in TeamCity One-Premises and provides them as a fully managed cloud service hosted by JetBrains.

For instance, whether you use Maven, Ant, Gradle, MSBuild, or other tools, TeamCity understands how your project is built and lets you set up CI/CD with ease. It supports Git, Perforce, Mercurial, and other version control systems out of the box – no plugins required – and can build projects that have source code distributed across multiple repositories of different types. Almost every TeamCity feature is available via a RESTful API, allowing you to integrate it with your apps or interact with it using scripts. This means you can create projects, run builds as well as download test results.

What are the benefits of TeamCity being cloud-based?

You don’t have to manage infrastructure, manage updates, upgrades, and other aspects of the actual TeamCity installation. These types of management tasks require time, resources, and employees. This platform is perfect for cloud-native organisations that prefer Software as a Service (SaaS) consumption models.

With TeamCity On-Premises, the customer has to provision infrastructure in order to set up and install TeamCity. This can be done internally or in a private cloud environment.

TeamCity Cloud comes with built-in artifact storage that makes working with build artifacts easier than ever.

Can existing TeamCity customers convert from TeamCity On-Premises to TeamCity Cloud?

No. The licensing of TeamCity On-Premises and TeamCity Cloud is completely separate. There is no conversion or upgrade option available.

Will TeamCity Cloud eventually replace TeamCity On-Premises?

No. TeamCity Cloud is simply an extra option for customers to consider when looking for a suitable CI/CD solution.

Pricing models and configuration

TeamCity Cloud provides build agents that can be used out of the box without any additional setup and offers a wide variety of configurations, operating systems, and payment schemes. Regular users will love the ability to pay for build time with unlimited concurrency. Those who clock a lot of build time will benefit from prepaid monthly build agents. Enterprise users who need the highest level of control will appreciate the ability to connect build agents from their private network.

Watch the overview video

If you prefer an Agile and DevOps approach, this platform is a great choice for small and medium development teams.

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