Have you got an idea for a web app but don’t know where to start with getting it off the ground? Do you want to create an app that visualises large amounts of data in various formats? Do you wish to know how to develop complex cross-platform enterprise web applications quickly?

These are questions that we recently answered in our webinar with Sencha, who create web app development tools that help you to quickly and easily create web applications.

The webinar was hosted by Grey Matter’s Idera Solutions (Sencha, Embarcadero, Whole Tomato) Specialist, Ben Gilbert, and Sencha Sales Engineer, Olga Petrova. Olga not only ran through some of the key features within the Sencha product range, but also demonstrated how you can create a web application within 10 minutes.

Enterprises require apps to be built quickly, however these apps also need to be long-lasting and complex with large amounts of data and/or functionality.

With increasing consumer needs, it’s important that apps get to the market quickly. But apps are getting more and more complex with many modules, hundreds of user stories and large codebases. They need to be stable and reliable.

Watch the webinar recording and demo to find out more here.

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