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Embarcadero Releases RAD Studio 10.3

RAD Studio 10.3 Rio

Embarcadero Technologies, (a division of Idera, Inc.), a provider of cross-platform application developer productivity tools, today released RAD Studio 10.3. This latest release enables you to create graphically sophisticated, high performing apps for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and Linux Server using the same native code base, so you spend less time building multi-device applications.

C++ continues to be one of the top in-demand skills for software development jobs, and is the language behind many enterprise software and game titles.

Key features of RAD Studio 10.3 include significant investments in C++ as well as updates to improve developer productivity for both C++ and Delphi. These include:

  • Faster math performance in Win64, improved code completion and debugging for optimised builds and new libraries
  • Inline variable declaration, type inference, custom initialisation and finalisation for records, and more
  • Enhancements to VCL for High DPI displays, Per Monitor V2 support, new Windows 10 and WinRT APIs, updated mobile platform support, and more
  • An updated Clang-enhanced compiler with C++17 support for Windows 32-bit
  • RAD Server updates that include new components for simplifying JSON processing work and building backends for Sencha Ext JS web applications

RAD Studio 10.3 also introduces new licensing options that expand web enablement, application backend server and database capabilities for enterprise applications. These include a RAD Server single site deployment license and an InterBase ToGo deployment license in the Enterprise Edition; and a Sencha Ext JS Professional licence, an InterBase ToGo deployment licence, a RAD Server multi-site deployment licence and an Aqua Data Studio licence in RAD Studio Architect Edition.

“RAD Studio 10.3 is one of our most significant releases yet. We’ve updated the look and feel of the IDE to make it more effective and pleasant for extended use, and significantly enhanced our customers’ ability to build Windows 10 and multi-device applications for iOS 12 and Android 9,” said Sarina DuPont, senior product manager of developer tools at Embarcadero. “These RAD Studio enhancements make it easier and faster than ever for developers to create cross-platform native applications that are the engine for enterprise efficiency and drive business growth.”

Grey Matter is proud to be the Embarcadero Master Reseller for UK and Ireland. We can provide licensing and advice on which editions would suit your needs best. If you have any queries, please email embarcadero@greymatter.com. We even have a dedicated Embarcadero web shop.

We run events regularly with Embarcadero to help you make the most of the tools and learn about new techniques and technologies. Our next event is on 29 November in London. Find out more here.


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