ISV Partner Day is the largest event in Grey Matter’s calendar. Usually hosted in-person, this year’s event went digital in response to (we’re going to say it) COVID-19. While this was a steep learning curve for our event organisers, our first major multi-session digital event, we’re pleased that it was a resounding success.

Going digital

Cutting down a 15-session live event to a six-session digital event posed some difficult decisions. It came down to us choosing content that would resonate the most with our ISV audience and we did this by looking at our most well-attended sessions from last year.

We had a short time span in which to turn around the event format, which, coupled with changes within our own business as we made the move to remote working, posed many challenges. However, we were pleased to be able to welcome over 180 attendees across the day and to be able to provide recordings of the sessions for those who weren’t able to watch.

Joe Macri, the Vice President at Microsoft UK One Commercial Partner delivered an inspiring and rousing keynote alongside our Managing Director at Grey Matter, Matthew Whitton. They spoke about the rapid changes our industry is facing as well as the support available to, and importance of, the ISV community as a whole.

The technically focused sessions on GitHub, Azure DevOps, Visual Studio Online, Rearchitecting for Azure, Azure Data Services and Migration Tools and Bing Maps were avidly watched.

Collaborative development with GitHub presented by Richard Erwin

Feedback from attendees was fantastic and included: “During this period of lockdown with many of us working remotely it was great to attend this event, learn something new and quite frankly feel energized by the experience.”

We feel grateful to have still been able to go ahead with the event, even in its revised format, and to have been able to continue to deliver value and create a sense of community.

Microsoft mapping, intelligent tools and geospatial services presented by Justine Coates and Peter Brasil

On-demand sessions

We plan to be able to deliver ISV Partner Day once again as a live event on 14 October (registration will open soon), but until then, you can watch the recordings of each session here:

Understanding Azure Data Services and Azure Migration Tools presented by David Stewart

What next?

If you have any questions on how you can benefit from the technology we talked about today, please call us on +44 (0)1364 655100; or email We’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

In the meantime, you can take a look at our upcoming digital events over on the Grey Matter website.

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