Intel oneAPI

Intel has announced that the latest beta version (beta09) of Intel oneAPI is now available.

What is Intel oneAPI?

Intel’s architectures span across scalar (CPU), vector (GPU), matrix (AI) and spatial (FPGA). These architectures require an efficient software programming model to deliver performance, which oneAPI addresses with ease-of-use and high-performance as well as eliminating the need to maintain separate code bases, multiple programming languages and different tools and workflows. The aim is to make everything much simpler for you.

Learn more about it in a nutshell by checking out this video.

New features and benefits in the beta

Intel has been working hard to improve the stability and performance of the beta across the libraries, compilers and tools. There have also been tools put in place to improve deep learning frameworks, optimise data management and analysis, as well as video pre-processing and improved FPGA performance.

For a full list of the updates, please see Intel’s press release.

Find out more

Try out the beta yourself here.

Intel oneAPI has now launched with a release date of 8 December. Intel oneAPI Toolkits includes a range of software development tools for AI, HPC and IoT. We are hosting a technical webinar about these toolkits on 2 December. Make sure to sign up.

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