JetBrains is a software vendor that specialises in intelligent, productivity-enabling tools to help you write clean, quality code across .NET, Java, Ruby, Python, PHP, JavaScript, C# and C++ platforms throughout all stages of development.

Here’s a roundup of some of their latest announcements and updates from October.

Webinar: Working with SQL and Databases in IntelliJ IDEA

On 16 October 2020, JetBrains Product Marketing Manager for Database Tools, Maksim Sobolevskiy delivered a webinar about how you can use database tools, like DataGrip in IntelliJ IDEA.

IntelliJ IDEA is a Java and JVM IDE that provides support for enterprise, mobile, and web development. DataGrip is a standalone JetBrains IDE for SQL and databases. IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate includes nearly all DataGrip functionality.

Watch the webinar to learn:

  • How to get started
  • Data connections
  • Query console
  • Moving beyond the basics
  • Refactoring and navigation
  • Inspections for SQL queries
  • Data extractors
  • And much more!

Code with Me

At the end of September, JetBrains announced Code with Me a new tool that enables remote development collaboration and pair programming. Code with Me can be used in the following scenarios:

  • Pair programming – collaborative editing, testing, and debugging.
  • Swarm programming – simultaneously coding together in the single remote IDE.
  • Guiding/Mentoring – inviting a guest or multiple guests to follow you, so you can show and explain the code.

Code with Me is available in the JetBrains IDEs v2020.3 EAP (Early Access Program). JetBrains has also added the ability to configure access permissions so that when sharing publicly, you can restrict what guests can and cannot do within the project you are sharing. Plus, a Parameter info insight feature has been added to show you the names of parameters in calls of methods and functions.

IntelliJ IDEA, GoLand, CLion, or PhpStorm users will see that Code With Me will come bundled in your IDE. However, Code with Me is not yet supported in JetBrains Rider and DataGrip.

New features in Datalore

The JetBrains team have been working hard to improve the UX in Datalore.


Onboarding tips will now appear when in both the file system and editor to help new users with the interface.


Desktop art generator

JetBrains has trained a feed-forward neural network to create artwork with a desktop art generator. See an example of what JetBrains has created in the video below.

If you want to access the neural network, check out this published notebook. Have a go yourself and create your own Desktop Art using the art generator app. You can read more about how it works in this blog post.

Code formatting

JetBrains has also enhanced code formatting so that there is consistent spacing throughout the notebook making your work look neater and so much more organised.

Reformatting code manually

Shortcuts for moving cells

Two shortcuts for moving cells have been added.

Move cells

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