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In one of my articles I discussed how there was a need for new Delphi developers. 

One of the ways that Embarcadero has started to help resolve the need is through their Community Edition, launched last year. 

The Community Editions of Delphi and C++Builder are available for developers and organisations with fewer than five developers and revenues that are less than $5000 USD. Community Edition includes features available in the Professional editions of the products, such as the capability to develop apps for Windows, Android, iOS and Mac. There are comprehensive VCL and FMX component sets and library source code – these have limited features, as well as the ability for you to build database apps with local/embedded connectivity.  

If you’re eligible and would like to get started with the Community edition, contact us! Also, check out this video showing how to install the Community Edition IDE here. 

Here’s some useful tutorials that Embarcadero has created to help you get started, using a “calculator” sample application: 

Delphi Community Edition, with Marco Cantu 

  1. Introduction and Installation to Delphi CE   
  2. Building and Debugging with Delphi 
  3. Architecture and Layers of Code 
  4. Designing user interfaces 
  5. Putting the Calculator Together   

C++Builder Community Edition, with David Millington  (Please note: these tutorials are for those at intermediate level for those with some programming experience with C++ or another language) 

  1. C++Builder Introduction and Installation 
  2. Building and Debugging with C++Builder 
  3. Design, Architecture and User Interfaces (UIs) 
  4. Smart pointers, Styles, and Optional Values 
  5. Operators and Final Calculator Application 

If you’re not eligible for the Community Edition, don’t worry; you can get a free trial of RAD Studio which includes Delphi, C++Builder, plus the compiler, database connectivity, and other useful features. You gain access to the full edition (Architect) and can complete the tutorials above using this free trial too. 

Get in touch if you try out Delphi or C++, we’d love to see what you create and what you thought of it!

If you’d like any more information about how to get into Delphi or C++, the Community Edition, free trials, or anything else relating to topics discussed in this blog, please email: We’re the UK and Ireland Embarcadero Master Reseller, so can help you with any licensing queries you may have. Buy Embarcadero products on our web shop. 


Learn to Program with Community Edition, by Rebekah D, July 2018:

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