RAD Studio 10.4.2

Embarcadero has announced the availability of their next quality release, RAD Studio 10.4.2 Sydney. The release incorporates fixes and features based on customer requests.

What’s new in 10.4.2?

Take a look at the highlights of what’s new and improved in 10.4.2:

Windows app support thanks to new and enhanced capabilities:

  • New native VCL Windows controls:
    • TControlList – flexible and virtualised – control long lists and benefit from a modern UI that can easily be configured
    • TNumberBox – modern numerical input control
  • Windows Store Packaging with MSIX
  • Updated Konopka components for better VCL style integration
  • Enhanced TEdgeBrowser VCL component with support for file cache management
UI configuration options

New developer productivity and UX features for faster onboarding and application development:

  • IDE improvements
  • Code Insight (LSP) improvements such as coloured underlines for better visibility of hints, warning and errors
  • Enhanced migration tool
  • Low code app wizard to enable you to build a functional multi-screen application from scratch

Enhanced FireMonkey platform support targeting the newest OS versions:

  • iOS 14 support (Delphi and C++)
  • macOS 11 Intel support (Delphi)
  • Android 11 support (Delphi)

New Delphi and C++ features:

  • Delphi compiler performance improvements
  • C++ Win64-bit Linker enhancements including a new technology that greatly reduces the amount of data that the Linker needs to process
  • C++ exceptions handling and RTL improvements
  • Improved C++ code completion

Other great quality enhancements:

  • Parallel Library (PL)
  • SOAP clients and WSDL
  • New debug visualisers
  • FireDAC enhancements for many databases
  • 600 customer-reported issues fixed

Find out more

If you are already on Update Subscription, you will be able to get access to this latest version.

If you don’t have the Update Subscription and are using a legacy version, but would like to start using 10.4.2, please get in touch. Until the end of February 2021, you can still benefit from 26% off.

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