In May 2019 HERE released three Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates to simplify the integration of the REST services as Azure functions within an Azure solution. The templates cover the following:

  • Serverless Functions – Deploys HERE location services as Azure functions that can be invoked directly within any Azure applications and/or solutions.
  • Web App Back-ends – Deploys HERE location services as Azure functions along with Azure Service Bus and Cosmos DB to optimise for web application back-end.
  • Real-Time Data Streams – Deploys HERE location services as Azure functions along with Event Hub and Cosmos DB to optimise for real-time streaming applications.

HERE has now announced a resource to help developers quickly get up to speed with the last ARM template mentioned above. This resource is a “workshop” available at GitHub and utilises real-time data streams to create a fleet management scenario for real-time vehicle tracking. This post covers what you need to get started and provides a glimpse of what the workshop produces as an output.

Scope and Requirements

The following are prerequisites for getting started:

Overview of Tasks

The following tasks are covered in the Fleet Management Workshop:

Real-Time Data Stream Template Deployment – Initial deployment and configuration of ARM template configured to use HERE location services.

Configure Sample Data Producer – Create a script to simulate IoT devices that capture latitude, longitude, engine temperature, RPM, load and coolant temperature.

Configure WebApp – Create and deploy an Azure Web App to serve as a dashboard to monitor virtual fleet of trucks in real-time.

Validation – Execute producer script to simulate vehicles tracked via IoT devices and monitor via dashboard.

A screen capture of the dashboard from the completed workshop


With the availability of the Fleet Management Workshop, Microsoft Azure developers can quickly learn how to implement a complex scenario such as real-time fleet tracking in a short amount of time.

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