Embarcadero has released their 12 month plan for RAD Studio, Delphi and C++Builder.* Here is a summary of what we have to look forward to.

Platform support

One of the main plans is to improve IDE tooling with Delphi support for the Language Server Protocol, VCL High DPI Styles support, Android 64-bit for Delphi, RAD Server tooling, additional C++ libraries, and much more in the 10.4 release later this year.

From August 2019, Google will require that all Google Play Store applications are 64-bit enabled. Embarcadero is in the process of creating a special beta EULA that will allow 10.4 beta testers to deploy (production) Android apps to the store. They are also working on providing 64-bit support for InterBase.

In addition, in line with Apple’s reduction of OpenGL support in favour of Metal 2, support for Metal 2 is in the works for 10.4, as well as macOS 64-bit support for Delphi.

Firebase and FireMonkey

There will be support for Firebase, related services and Android Firebase push notifications. And thanks to the popularity and feedback of the FireMonkey UI templates released last year, Embarcadero will be launching more throughout the year.

Using GetIt technology, there will be a unified online and offline installer to improve the first user experience.


New native Delphi compilers will be coming in the next few months to support the 64-bit requirements. Embarcadero is also working on unifying the memory model along all platforms to make it into a single source multi-platform. Managed records are next on the list of features to add to the language itself.

RTL library

There are also plans to improve the IDE code tooling. There is a focus to bring the same RTL library to all the new platforms, with full platform API integration and low-level mechanism such as memory management, exception handling and threading.

There aren’t currently plans for significant extensions to the RTL, they are working in two areas: performance and quality and stability.


Embarcadero is continuing to expand the VCL capabilities for Windows 10 with improving the VCL Style architecture, supporting HiDPI and 4K monitors. They are also looking to expand support for Desktop Bridge and the new Microsoft deployment model that embraces the MSIX installation format that is part of the foundation for the Windows Store and enterprise software distribution.

RAD Server

A simplified development process, configuration, deployment and management process, as well as the use of RAD Server as a backend host for JavaScript or Ext JS web applications.


Over the last few years there have been radical developments to C++. The main focus this year is on the tooling support within the IDE, including code completion, error insight, refactoring and much more.

There are plans to integrate Visual Assist into C++Builder. Though a Visual Studio plugin, core functionality such as navigation and refactoring as well as flexible tooling and integration will help to push C++Builder forward.

There will also be improvements to support for popular C++ libraries and quality improvements.

Plans to extend CMake support integration into the IDE have been announced. Similar to Delphi, ARC will be removed from all platforms enabling C++ developers to use canonical C++ memory management patterns like smart pointers.

There is a focus on Windows 64-bit bit support this year, with macOS and Android pushed to the future.

There are aims to integrate the LLDB debugger Delphi language support and migrate to using it for key platforms, starting initially with mobile and macOS.

Want more information?

Read the road map overview and also take a look at the road map commentary for more information.

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We’re planning to run more Embarcadero events in the Autumn that will run through some of these updates. Keep your eyes peeled for more information.

*These plans are subject to change

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