HMRC VAT Making Tax Digital

On Tuesday, 15 January 2019, in London, The UK Developers Group for Delphi, .NET & C# Professionals are doing a code huddle for HMRC’s Making Tax Digital. In April 2019, almost all VAT registered entities will have to make their quarterly VAT submissions via a RESTful API. They will no longer be able to login and type into a browser. Of course, a lot of companies will use accountants or accounting packages and these should all be up and running on the new service by then. There are additional requirements about chain of evidence of the data.

A number of members of The UK Developers Group write and maintain systems that generate, record and report VAT which means they will need to either buy a solution off the shelf or roll up their sleeves and do what developers do! As there appears to be no Delphi-specific forum or information about this, The UK Developers Group has set up a sub group with a view to master the documentation, HMRC’s API, OAuth2, to share the burden, help each other, then present to the wider group as a general interest topic.

The next meeting will be a “Zero to Hero” code huddle, where the group will be split into huddles of 3 or 4 and with guidance, go from “Eh … where to start” to submitting test VAT returns, referring to HMRC provided documentation. There will be a mix of principals, source of information, working in groups to fulfill the test hurdles, show and tell, all under the guidance of the team that has been working on this. The team that has already been through the process has collectively saved themselves time and reassured themselves it is all do-able in the time frame.

For info about booking and the agenda for the day (booking is required to attend), head to The UK Developers Group website. The meeting takes place on 15 January 2019, in London. If you can’t attend, but are interested, get in touch via the “contact us” link on the website.

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